we are [NOT] sign writers

project description





sign writing is a highly specialised occupation, yet many amateurs try their hand at it with varying degrees of success. this can be due to a myriad of reasons including time, cost and access. in many cases a printer could have been used to achieve the same result, but slightly more aesthetically pleasing, or at least closer to what we have come to expect from type.


WE ARE (NOT) SIGN WRITERS tries to bring these amateur analogue letter forms into the digital world by harnessing the hand lettered aesthetic and using it to generate new posters.


a large amount of images of different posters with varied uses and letter types were collected and the letters digitalised. each letter was then individually analysed and categorised according to which typographic qualities it contains.


users can easily choose between a couple of typographic variables to get the look they desire. from there the posters are easily saved and printed ready to be used.