make it O.O.A.K.

project description




in a world where digital arts are becoming more and more prevalent pieces of art are shifting into being widely available identical items. the unique identity that objects used to get from being handcrafted is disappearing. making items available as limited editions is one way to stop objects from being everywhere, however it doesn’t create unique pieces.


MAKE IT O.O.A.K. looks to change that by making 3D objects ONE OF A KIND, adding uniqueness to an automated process. it achieves this through harnessing the inherent unpredictability of nature in the form of weather.


each 3D file downloaded through O.O.A.K compares the weather at the time and place of download to the weather at the time and place of the original upload using open source data. the differences between the two weather profiles change the file through a few set transformations.


the temperature change will scale the object up when the temperature decreases or down when it increases. the height of the object is then further decided through air pressure, lower pressure will result in a higher object, higher pressure will squeeze the object down. the last transformation causes the object to bend, the degree to which and in which direction it bends based on wind speed and direction.


the severity of these changes vary, and some objects will still look very similar to the original, while others may become nearly unrecognisable. as the variables will never combine in the exact same way in different locations at different times each object will come out completely unique and one of a kind.


this project was made in response to Make it LEO, who provide a service making 3D print files into Limited Edition Objects.



wind speed and direction