project description

3D data

2D data

looking at all the everyday electronic devices around us many are exactly the same. while there are various ways to customise them, such as cases or stickers, these can only give an insight into the user’s interests and not how the device is used. a desk can show in one glance what type of person someone is, for example how they organise but sometimes you can even get clues of how people think. from the outside of a device it is not visible if a laptop has an organised file system or what it is most used for, nor can internet activity be seen.


iDATA looked to visualise all of this data that can’t be accessed from the outside to show the difference between three generations of family members. it is not looking to explain the data it is showing, but rather a quick overview of this part of the person’s life. the result was three installations that show all the data growing out of each of the subject’s laptops.


the installations were used to create portraits of these people, in surroundings and situations they could find themselves in. a traditional portrait would show the the person and not their digital life, the iDATA portaits do the opposite, showing the digital data and not the people’s faces. yet the portraits still show parts of the person’s personality.