FREITAG competition

project description

full design


my entry for the 2015 freitag design-a-truck contest used the locations of freitag’s headquarters and their flagship store, both located in zurich. their products travel all over the world, not only after they are made but also their materials travel far and wide in their first life. yet they all come through the headquarters to be made into the end-product, and even if they don’t make it into the flagship store they benefit from the ideas created in there and in headquarters. this tarp would show this link from the start of its life.

the tarp design had to work both on a large scale on the truck and once it was cut to create various bags, cases and wallets. while the map would not be recognisable on the smaller scale, it would lend itself to creating a interesting pattern on the products, having various lights and darks. therefore the map had to be simplified just enough that the line thickness would be regular enough that when only looking at a small area it would look like a (seemingly random) pattern.